SEO Services

As a business, you want to ensure your clients know where to find you but, more importantly, that they can trust your brand and reputation. Enter, search engine optimization or SEO. The focus on SEO for a business means that you are looking to increase visitor reach and engagement as a company and brand.


Hiring someone who understands and specializes in SEO means having them work to organically improve your company’s Google ranking. Focusing on improving your company’s SEO presence means working to improve accessibility. One way of improving your website’s SEO presence and discovery is through keywords and key phrase optimization.

With improving SEO keywords and key phrases, this must be done organically yet creatively. Why? When companies just throw in keywords describing their services or products in irrelevant posts, Google vets the content to see the relevancy. If the message and content don’t match, the business is page does not improve in rank.

Remember, the goal behind SEO optimization is to improve your business in rank.


Still unsure if hiring a business for your SEO services are needed? Consider the following benefits:

  • Increase in return visitors and customers
  • Head start in close rates
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • A huge start in leads
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Improve credibility


No matter how big or small your business is, putting money towards helping your presence grow online is important. At StormForz, we offer three different tiers of SEO services. Our packages are currently priced at $499, $799, and $1099.

  • Standard Plan

  • $499/mo
    • Comprehensive Site Audit
    • Keyword Research: Up to 50 Keywords
    • On-Page Optimization: 10 Pages
    • Content Creation: 2 SEO Optimized Blog Posts
    • Backlink Building: 5 High-Quality Backlinks
    • Basic Technical SEO Improvements
    • Basic Google My Business Optimization
    • Standard Monthly Reporting
    • Basic Social Media Integration
    • Email Support

  • Purchase
Most Ordered
  • Professional Plan

  • $799/mo
      • Advanced Site Audit with Competitor Analysis
      • Keyword Research: Up to 100 Keywords
      • On-Page Optimization: 20 Pages
      • Content Creation: 4 SEO Optimized Blog Posts
      • Backlink Building: 10 High-Quality Backlinks
      • Advanced Technical SEO Improvements
      • Advanced Google My Business and Local Citations
      • Detailed Monthly Reporting
      • Advanced Social Media Integration
      • Basic Mobile Optimization
      • Advanced Speed Optimizations
      • Email and Phone Support

  • Purchase
  • Business Plan

  • $1099/mo
      • In-depth Site and Competitor Analysis
      • Keyword Research: Up to 200 Keywords
      • On-Page Optimization: Up to 50 Pages
      • Content Creation: 8 SEO Optimized Blog Posts
      • Backlink Building: 20 High-Quality Backlinks
      • Comprehensive Technical SEO Improvements
      • Complete Local SEO Strategy
      • Custom Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
      • Comprehensive Social Media Integration
      • Advanced Mobile Optimization
      • Comprehensive Speed Overhaul
      • Priority Email and Phone Support

  • Purchase

Don’t think our preset packages suit your business needs? We can collaborate with you and your business to customize a package for your budget and your business goals.


Seeing the benefits is one thing; however, understanding it in terms of what your business can expect is different. The moment you look to having SEO services, your business is going to:

  • Get more calls – customers and clients inquiring about your services and products.
  • Get more sales – increased traffic means an increase in sales.
  • Get more visitors – having your website be at the top of the Google search means that you are likely to get more visitors.

Do you want to see your business benefit from more calls, sales, and visitors? Stop wasting your time and money on false marketing and click-baits; consider a long-term and organic approach with SEO optimization.


If you are trying to grow your business to improve your profit margins, consider looking to enhance your presence with SEO optimization. When you choose to invest and improve your presence online for potential customers, you can easily watch things improve. Not long after you make changes, you are going to see an improvement in traffic.

Ready to take your business and brand to the next step? Reach out to StormForz to see how we can help you and your business.